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The PediaSuit Protocol™
The PediaSuit Protocol™

Founded in 2005 to help families in need, Bright Steps Forward, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission to ensure that all children in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with neurological or developmental disorders have access to top quality special needs education and therapeutic interventions so they can achieve their maximum potential.

We, at Bright Steps Forward believe that all children have the ability to exceed expectations, achieve unexpected milestones and blossom before our eyes with the proper therapy and encouragement. In fact, we have seen many times the miracle of wonderment as children learn that they DO have skills, that they SHOULD set goals, and that dreams CAN come true when their confidence is supported through early and intensive therapeutic interventions.

Every child is a miracle waiting to happen if they just get the chance.
To learn more about Bright Steps Forward and how you can help, please contact us or call (954) 376-3911.

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