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Eileen de Oliveira
Eileen with her two sons, Samuel and Lucas.
Lucas, during his therapy.

Unfortunately, not all families have the ability or opportunity to take advantage of such services for their child –which is why Bright Steps Forward (BSF) was started. Founder Eileen de Oliveira witnessed her son Lucas (who was born with cerebral palsy) learn to crawl and walk through early and intensive pediatric therapies and he exceeded all expectations. It was this breakthrough in Lucas’ development that inspired Eileen to create Bright Steps Forward so that others could benefit from the therapies that Lucas was privileged to receive.

Today, children from all over the world, but especially from South Florida, are helped by assistance through Bright Steps Forward and now are able to receive treatments and therapies that would otherwise be out of reach for them –families who either cannot afford insurance or afford the copay and deductibles because of all the other added expenses that go along with having a disabled child.

Every child is a miracle waiting to happen if they just get the chance.
To learn more about Bright Steps Forward and how you can help, please contact us or call (954) 376-3911.

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